Optimizing an Innovative Self Improvement App


JumpShift (now is a company that offers a self-improvement program to it’s clients. In 2013 JumpShift wanted to improve their technology so that their app would be more effective. Tizbi® updated the JumpShift Knowledge-to-Action App so that it is independent and self-learning.


JumpShift asked Tizbi® to work on the Knowledge -to-Action App with several goals in mind: to improve the JumpShift app; to support the JumpShift business model; and to use the app to grow their client base.

Our Solution

There were many possible approaches we could have taken, but Tizbi® implemented Google Prediction API to give new life and functionality to the app. We updated the app to be more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing to users.
5 months duration
650 man-hours

"At JumpShift (now we have partnered with Tizbi® as our technology integrator from the beginning. They helped shape and develop our innovative MVP and we have been continuously evolving it ever since.

The team cares about our product like we do and aren't afraid to contribute additional ideas, designs to keep improving the product. We have also had many critical deadlines for end customers that initially seemed impossible to reach.

The Tizbi® team has always been prepared to do all humanly possible to meet these deadlines and still deliver a quality product.

I couldn't recommend Tizbi® enough, Steve, Sasha, Kat and Olga have been awesome long term partners."

Carl Sanders-Edwards
- Founder and CEO,

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

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