Flameoff Coatings

Used Technologies: C#   HTML5   ASP.NET Core  Vue.js


FlameOFF Coatings provides fully tested fire retardant and fire resistance intumescent paints uniquely designed to provide a high-level of fire protection at a reasonable cost.


Tizbi’s task was to create the modern, fast and reliable website site from scratch that would optimize selling process and create a brand image of trust and proficiency to enable successful B to B sales to customers of different caliber and specialty.

Our Solution

Tizbi® managed to create a stylish yet functional website that features not only the front page with custom-made videos, but also customer cabinet, shopping cart and online client support. The FlameOFF Coatings website was created by using various UI/UX as well as database programming languages. The platform created also enables the ability to easily update website content, add new products and create new cases.

Used Technologies

C# HTML5 ASP.NET Core Vue.js
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