Synovia Solutions


Synovia Solutions provides the tools fleet managers need to improve safety, savings, and service. Its GPS tracking systems covers over 100,000 vehicles across North America and tracking fleets with more than 5,000 vehicles.


Back in 2002, Tizbi® developers team walked into the office of school transportation department and realized the need to computerize an industry of school fleet management, apparently untouched by the computer revolution of that time.

Our Solution

Four years after, Tizbi® members developed a com- prehensive software package with functionality covering the main needs of K-12 school transportation, quickly rolling out the software package through multiple counties in North Carolina and Virginia. Since then, Tizbi® software has been bought by Everyday Solutions, which later has merged with Synovia Solutions. Despite flow of time, the same group of Tizbi® developers still working at Synovia, developing and supporting our software.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

PHP Wordpress
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