How Biopharmaceutical Company lists $70 M in Annual Sales with Long Lasting Tizbi Team Rotation


Trial Card is a billion-dollar company that manages pharmaceutical marketing programs all across the country. As Trial Card grew their customer base, they integrated the Tizbi® team into the day-to-day operation of the Trial Card business team to provide quick responses to business challenges and adaptability to the changing landscape of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.


The greatest obstacle that the Tizbi® team faced was the changing technological and business landscapes over the nearly fifteen years of working with Trial Card. During the span of our partnership, technology evolved and the requirements of running a successful development team changed with it.

Our Solution

Tizbi’s answer to shifting technological needs was to always stay one step ahead. Tizbi® rotated talent into the team as needed to stay ahead of the demands of TrialCard’s technology department. The Tizbi® team stayed with TrialCard through many business changes and marketing strategies, adapting gracefully each time new business rules were implemented.
12 months duration
950 man-hours

"Tizbi's team is a big part of our company and has been instrumental in helping us to become the 30 million dollar business that we are today.

Tizbi® understands business needs and also understands how effective technology can help solve business problems."

David W. Cunningham
- CEO, TrialCard

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

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