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Tizbi, Inc.
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Raleigh, NC 27609

Job Posting Date: 05/09/2019

Job Title: Database Programmer/ Splunk Developer

Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc has a strong and permanent need for a data analyst capable of working with very large sets of data. It is critical to be able to quickly analyze data sets while maintaining high level of database security and high performance, as well as data mining, and development of analytical tools and reports allowing the utilization of the information contained in these data sets. We need an in-house computer programmer dealing with all aspects of “Big Data”, in the quickly growing software development company based in Raleigh, NC.

- Development of robust and scalable databases and RDBMs systems
- Periodic in-depth analysis of data sets on DB servers (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Excel files, and ASCII log files).
- Development of programs, routines, Oracle and MS SQL Server stored procedures.
- Duplicate analysis, data de-duplication, data normalization and de-normalization, data clean-up, data warehousing.
- Support for other developers working on GUI and Business Layers
- Splunk reports development, working on Splunk data and reporting engine.
- Suggest alternative methods of organizing big data.
- Document findings and prepare recommendations for implementation of new systems;
- Report to CTO and CIO of the company the status of all "Big Data"-related projects.
- Strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze performing large-scale simulations and with attention to detail and accuracy.
- Deep understanding of Computer Information Systems
- Practical working knowledge of methodological principles and theoretical tools.
- The software components integration.
Technical skills:
- Strong experience with database design, and object-oriented development.
- Fluent knowledge of Splunk platform (at least 3 years of experience).
- MS SQL Server 2005 2012 2017, SQL Language, Stored procedures.
- Oracle Database, PL SQL, Stored Procedures.
- Database Optimization Skills and Techniques.
Programming Languages:
SAS programming, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net Programming
Support environment: MS Visual Studio
DBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, 2012 MS Access, Visual FoxPro
Office software: MS Office XP/2003/2007: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Office automation and Macros Case Software: ERWin, BPWin
Operating system: Windows 10/8/Vista/XP/2000/ME/NT/4/98/95, DOS, Unix.
Graphics and animation: Adobe Photoshop 2CS-4CS, Corel Draw, Open GL, needed for data visualization and 3-D animations.

Job Posting Date: 05/09/2019

Job Title: Programmer

Tizbi leverages over 10 years of experience in large-scale web-enabled applications and custom software development to provide its customers with reliable, efficient, and affordable solutions that resolve a range of business challenges. We offer software development services to established companies that frequently experience significant changes in their infrastructure. Tizbi automates manual tasks to save its clients’ money and implements custom solutions to create new revenue for their businesses. The popularity of Cloud computing is rapidly increasing among our clients. As our core business is custom software development, our team needs to be able to provide an expert cloud and infrastructure consulting, to assist the clients in making important decisions related to specifics of adaptation of software systems to the changing and variable infrastructure. That is why it is imperative to have people who can think of application design, infrastructure, and architecture, while leveraging a strong software development background. We need someone who can quickly get answers to both our customers and our engineering team by asking the right questions at the critical time of software deployment and when every second of downtime costs money to our clients.

— Participate in all phases of Scrum/Kanban/Agile hybrid SDLC — working in concert with Product, QA, and DevOps teams.
— Design an application's architecture and DB structure.
— Transfer infrastructure to the clouds.
— Build and alter client's infrastructure.
— Setup video converters and load-balancers.
— Set security guidelines.
— Collaborate with developers and system administrators.
— Write technically detailed specifications for the projects.
— Develop and implement refactoring process for legacy code and existing projects.
Requirements for candidate and Qualifications:
— BS in Computer Science / Software Engineering or equivalent.
— At least 3 years' experience with PHP/.NET/Perl/JavaScript/Java
— Core technologies: Microsoft stack and LAMP.
— Experience in web server administration and tuning for high-load projects.
— Knowledge of relational database design and stored procedure development using Microsoft SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL.
— Proficient understanding of object-oriented software design.
— Comprehensive understanding of design patterns.
— At least 3 years' experience system administration (Windows, Linux, and UNIX-like) and networks administration.
— TCP/IP, OSI model, CentOS/FreeBSD, Cisco, routing, HTTP and SSH/VPN.
— Ability to build an infrastructure from scratch or improve an existing one.
— Knowledge of cloud computing and good knowledge of (AWS, Azure, Google Apps).
— Information security defensive skills. Firewalls, routers, encryption.
— Strong oral and written communication skills with the ability to work in a team.
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Fax: (866) 301-1225
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