Rescue Teams

Our rescue teams can salvage any project and deliver a high-end quality product that meets your business needs.

Rescue Teams

The Problem

Is your project constantly missing deadlines, exceeding budget, or missing the true intention of the business requirements? Do you have a half-complete technical implementation only to find that the technology used in the project is obscure or poorly designed?

It is estimated that over 50% of projects either never complete or miss the mark on delivering what the business truly needed. Tizbi’s years of experience and technology proficiency can turn your failing project into a true business success.

How We Can Help

Bringing life back to a failing project requires great problem solving skill and a broad knowledge base of all major technologies. At Tizbi, we believe our team can handle any business challenge regardless of complexity or current state of the project. We have over 18 years of experience designing and developing systems that are responsive, scalable, maintainable, and extensible. It is by this experience and our passion for software development that we are able to provide innovative and pragmatic solutions for projects in jeopardy.

How do we succeed when others fail? Our approach to revitalizing projects is simple and effective. We look to understand the business requirements, review where the project currently stands, provide innovative solutions to overcoming previous obstacles, and deliver quality code on time and on budget.

Our Solution

Tizbi utilizes core software development project management skills to assess your project and determine the best possible path to achieving success.

Step 1

Our project team will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business requirements, objectives, and project goals.

Step 2

We perform a thorough current state gap analysis of the project, team, and challenges faced throughout the project to date.

Step 3

Realignment of project deliverables ensure the highest business value will be realized.

Step 4

Focus is given to quickly restore project momentum and team collaboration within IT and with all business partners.

Step 5

Introduction of development expertise enables highest quality product delivery on time and on budget.

Step 6

Adherence to fundamental software development best practices throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Core Benefits

Tizbi’s Rescue Teams put the focus on producing a viable, marketable product on time and on budget so that you can go back to growing your business.



We offer years of experience and insight in solving intricate software development projects.


Technical Authority

Our diverse, highly-skilled architects and software developers can master any technical challenge.


Project Delivery

Iterative project delivery assures business goals are realized early, often, and as promised.



Renewed focus and infusion of expertise breathes vitality back into the project, the IT team, and rebuilds trust with the business.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it - see what some of our customers are saying about our project rescue services.

Tizbi, "Our tech saviors”, is how I describe our tech team! Before our connection with Tizbi, we had previously experienced a team that just could not deliver anything on an allocated budget. In addition, the code was unusable and we needed a rescue!

Fortunately, we met the Tizbi team; Sasha Birger, Jim Turner, and Dimitry Ivanov. In no time at all with efficient planning, they turned our development program totally around. The first class project management team includes Polina Truhan, Aziza Shcherbich, Olga Polevaya, Olga Peisahovich and many others. They are always efficient, on time, and provide incredible succinct communication between us, the client, and their development team.

Crumbs Music and I recommend the Tizbi team!

Ray Williams CEO/Founder, Crumbs Music Media Inc. Ray Williams is an A&R music producer/publisher/music supervisor best known as the man who discovered Elton John - Wikipedia

It has been a long, winding road getting everything ready for the launch day. We would not be here without the dedication of the Tizbi team.

I like that COO digs his heels in when I'm wrong about something. I like the transparency. I like that the whole team takes a consultative approach (COO, project manager and developer).

Most of all, I like that they put my customers and my business ahead of their own. They truly have my back. They are a partner, not a vendor.

Nick Bradfield Nick Bradfield Founder, Divvy Investments

This year, my wife and I gave birth to two beautiful babies: our son, Primo, and our new book, Billy Sparkle's TIPs, which I wrote and my wife tirelessly edited. We wanted a website that would complement the look and feel of our new book and Tizbi came through for us in a world-class way.

Alex and his team took the time to listen to what we wanted and were with us at every step along the way - responding to our requests and helping us navigate through the process. We now have a website that looks amazing, does what we want it to, and will continue to be enhanced with the help and guidance of our friends at Tizbi.

Billy Sparkle Billy Sparkle Executive coach, Billy Sparkle Coaching

I just wanted to send a note and thank you very much for a job well done with the website. The new site looks FANTASTIC.

The Tizbi team launched the site on time, on budget and with no major technical issues. The go-live was smooth and our customers love it. We really appreciate all your hard work to get this launched in such a successful way.

Ben Feldman Ben Feldman Partner, Thundershirt

Tizbi's team is a big part of our company and has been instrumental in helping us to become the 30 million dollar business that we are today.

Tizbi understands business needs and also understands how effective technology can help solve business problems.

David Cunningham David W. Cunningham CEO, TrialCard

Tizbi management team is highly engaged and consistently demonstrates that they understand the importance of delivering on the bottom line.

During more than 20 years of technical outsourcing, we have found Tizbi to be our most reliable outsourcing partner.

Bob Butler Bob Butler CEO, BestThinking

I have nothing but praise for Jim, his partners and the staff of Tizbi. They helped us turn a rough concept into a sleek, user friendly product.

Perry Gathings Perry Gathings CEO, SourceAuthority

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