Powerful Document Management System to Automate Paper Reporting


North Compass is a North Carolina company that specializes in electronic document management and automated process workflow software, revolutionizing the way reports are generated and utilized within a customer’s business.


Tizbi’s task is to customize North Compass products to the customer’s system, to make it optimized to the customer’s own business model. The goal is to help businesses with paper reports, files, and inventory by managing all their information and internal reporting digitally.

Tizbi Solution

The solution to these challenges was the creation of North Compass’ Document Process Management system (DPM), designed as a process-driven document manger that allows information to flow intelligently through the customer’s business. DPM is a powerful tool that organizes reports and document generation according to workflow within the customer’s business model, freeing employees from time consuming paper reporting systems to be productive at their work.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:


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