Solve Any of Your Business Needs


Solve Any of Your Business Needs
PHP’s freemium nature allows Tizbi® to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions.
Fast and efficient
PHP is a mature, established and optimized programming language, meaning that Tizbi® will offer only the best and most reliable solutions for your business.
Simplicity of PHP allows us to use it in various ways, enabling Tizbi® to solve a wide span of business problems.

Our Expertise

Websites and Portals
Tizbi® provides a wide variety of PHP-based solutions beginning from simple websites to complex enterprise applications driven by the efficiency and flexibility of best PHP frameworks available
We shape CRM systems based on leading PHP-industry products or deliver custom solutions that will address your customer’s loyalty and retention.
E-Commerce and Storefronts
With the power of PHP-based software, Tizbi® creates powerful ecommerce solutions designed to build fully trackable and powerful online store that will drive conversions and boost your business revenue.
Social Networking
We deliver a complete stack of social networking solutions based on most popular third-party PHP engines to attract and entertain your customers, as well as to build dynamic online community around your business.
From simple wikis to multifunctional courseware online systems, Tizbi® solutions help your business to harness contemporary education and knowledge management benefits.

Our Advantages

Full-cycle services
Tizbi® offers full-cycle PHP project execution, whilst providing cost-effective and convenient operational models that will fit your business needs.
With our PHP team members being carefully hand picked among the best professionals, we can ensure you that our team’s staffing, communication, task assignment and reporting will have the maximum effect.
Domain Expertise
Our professionals have a wide span of expertise in PHP projects of any complexity. Using this knowledge, we will use only the best development practices to provide your business with the best solution.
Strong Skillset
Tizbi® always stays one step ahead of competitors, meaning that our managers constantly expand their skillset with new technologies and methodics, so that you will get only the most modern product.
Years on the Market
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Dev Cycle

Development Cycle

First Step
Custom PHP Development
Our PHP department offers feature-rich web development that delivers your business a powerful, flexible and custom-tailored solution that will provide you with competitive advantage over your competition.

Development Cycle

Second Step
3rd Party Solution Customization
We use powerful third-party PHP assets, such as Laravel, Symphony, Yii, Codeigniter and many more, to build upon their ready-made wide functionality and to speed up your time-to-market.

Development Cycle

Third Step
Tizbi® has enough technical breadth and expertise to provide strategic planning and execution of database integration for your PHP-based solution via WSDL and SOAP, regardless the source.

Development Cycle

Fourth Step
Maintenance & Optimization
Our team can maintain or improve your application by optimizing the code, reducing redundancy and disk I/O overhead via proper storing, thus, improving its processing power and speed.

Deeper PHP Tasks

API Development
Whether it’s public, internal or private, API is the core part of your solution that should be fast, reliable and secure to enable data flow back and forth throughout your system. Tizbi® offers a deep expertise in custom API development that will secure your system’s full functionality.
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High Load
If your business requires high processing power and stability for daily operations, we could assure you that you will be satisfied no matter how hard the task will be, since Tizbi® has a major expertise in complex projects.
For businesses that require maximum versatility and flexibility, Tizbi® offers specialised cloud computing services that will boost your business growth and leave your competitors behind.
AI and Computer Logic
As a progressive technological company, Tizbi® has a team of experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, so that if your business is looking for advanced automation of operations and daily business activities.

Technologies List

Docker Linux Windows
Nginx Apache IIS Lighttpd
Laravel Symfony Codeigniter Yii Zend Nette
MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB MS SQL Oracle SQLite Redis Elasticsearch
Composer Elastic Doctrine propel Eloquent AWS Node JS PhpMailer

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