Our Approach

No one starts out wanting to build a custom software application. They start out with a problem.

A process that needs streamlining. An eCommerce idea that needs software to bring it to life. A great service that needs more functionality to increase margins.

Six Rules

We follow six simple rules that help us solve your problems.
Rules that help us set your project apart from your competition, and in the process, sets us apart from ours.

Well Managed

#1Well-Managed Projects

Our experienced Project Managers will work closely with you during the entire lifecycle of your software development project.

From initial idea generation to production releases, our team of highly-skilled Project Managers focus on the core fundamentals of project management best practices:

  • Project structure
  • Clear definition of project goals
  • Transparent communication
  • Tight change control
  • Risk management
  • Quality control

Unique Development

#2Unique Development Team

Our team is extremely passionate about software development. This passion drives us to be the very best at everything we do resulting in top-notch technical solutions for your business.

Our software development staff are technically advanced, tightly managed, highly versatile, and very loyal. At Tizbi®, we carefully hand-select our programmers, not only looking for smart, elegant coders, but also people we enjoy working with. We continuously train our staff and monitor progress, and we provide excellent career growth opportunities inside our company.

And, while some of our staff are internationally-based, our PMs work closely with them to give you 24/7 development up-time, without directions getting “lost in translation.”

Focused Quality

#3Focused Quality Assurance Team

We always test our code. Vigorously. Repeatedly. And when we're done, we test it again.

Tizbi® Quality Assurance engineers take their jobs personally. They are passionate about making the final deliverable 100% clean and bug free.

Part of their work is to provide detailed reports, certifying all steps of software testing. The other part is to partner with clients to do even more testing after our QA. Why? Certain program defects can only be found by business stake holders themselves, because you know your business better than anyone.

By controlling Quality Assurance on multiple levels, we’ve been able to develop long-standing relationships with our clients, built in trust and confidence in the final product we deliver.

Budget Control

#4Tight Daily Budget Control

Strict budget control is embedded in the very roots of our development process.

At Tizbi®, we understand the necessity to control project costs and deliver high quality software on time and on budget. While project requirements may shift during the project lifecycle, our detailed time and budgetary reporting provide constant transparency enabling your business to know the financial health of the project at any given point in time.

This control allows for quick course correction when necessary and enables your business to make the best decisions for your company.

User Centered

#5User-Centered Design

At Tizbi®, we're passionate about creating an outstanding user experience. How the end user interacts with the software will greatly determine the software project’s success.

We deliver the highest business value by focusing on the overall user experience and providing sleek, modern, and intuitive user interfaces.

Ultimately, if the user doesn’t have a great experience, no one has a great experience.


#6Total Transparency

Transparency is a fundamental part of integrity and is critical to Tizbi's culture.

As a core value for our business, integrity is embedded in every aspect of what we do. It is the driving force behind our corporate culture and the foundation for our strong customer loyalty.

We value the time and money your company is investing and will always strive to be honest and fair in all phases of the project.

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