Tizbi specializes in solving challenging business problems with smart, well-designed software solutions.

We help our clients to create and develop their most critical intellectual property, improving enterprise value and creating better, cleaner processes.

Company Profile


Raleigh, NC

Latvia, Russia


80 people

Custom software development



Jim Turner

President and CEO

A serial entrepreneur by nature, Jim is always ready for the next big challenge. He is honest, direct, a natural leader, and yet very approachable and fun loving.

Since Tizbi’s inception in 1998, Jim has led the company as President and CEO to its current international team of 80. Under his guidance, the daughter software product company "Schoolworks" was formed in 2002, grown, and successfully sold through M&A in 2006.

Prior to Tizbi, Jim was managing large IT teams in a manufacturing environment, including Rexham, SoftPlay and Nomaco. Among his achievements are deployments of large ERP and CRM systems, as well as large-scale software development projects.

Jim loves riding his bike, running, and working out. He also loves traveling and playing sports together with his son.

Dmitry Ivanov


As CTO and Partner at Tizbi, Dmitry is a next-gen technical leader who skillfully combines leadership talent, broad vision, and a great depth of knowledge in multiple technical and non-technical disciplines. An entrepreneur by nature and engineer by training, Dmitry manages a full spectrum of projects, and provides exceptional technical direction to our company.

Dmitry has solved countless technical challenges for Tizbi clients, with customers emphasizing his high professionalism and deep knowledge, balanced approach to all problems, and strict adherence to commitments.

Dmitry enjoys biking, skiing and traveling.

Alexander "Sasha" Birger


During his 25-year IT career, Alexander has managed multiple software development projects for small and large companies, including Trialcard, Nomaco, 3Tex, BlueRino and VideoNitch. He also was in charge of developing internal products that have served multiple public school systems, including Wake County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg County.

He earned his master's degree in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He worked as a programmer and team lead in academic, scientific and corporate environments, and he has a wealth of experience running software development teams.

Alexander's hobbies include windsurfing and traveling.

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