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Enterprise application development has experienced exponential growth ever since BYOD policies emerged in the corporate world. Today, these critical business applications must seamlessly serve multiple users that utilize a wide variety of technologies, infrastructure, and devices.
However, most importantly, what distinguishes enterprise applications between competing vendors is that high-quality enterprise applications must offer a stronger value proposition, meet user needs, deliver on business goals and requirements, and satisfy important KPIs that deliver a competitive edge.
Indeed, an enterprise application that delivers on success metrics in the enterprise computational environment becomes the de facto competitive edge and a transformational asset for the company, as opposed to being just any other tool in the shed.
Some of the deliverables that high-quality enterprise applications provide include empowering personnel, easing tasks, increasing work productivity, enhancing and optimizing efficiency and effectiveness, enabling information-sharing, building connections with customers and other stakeholders, maximizing profitability, and leveraging big data and analytics to offer real-time insights.

.NET Ecosystem

The .NET ecosystem is comprised of three high-level components:

.NET Framework
.NET Core

First released in 2001, the original and now so-called ‘traditional’ .NET Framework, supports the creation of desktop, console, mobile and web applications.

.NET Framework is distributed with Windows and its applications. The Framework is monolithic, which means that you can’t use it without installing all its base.

This structure has proved to be a disadvantage in Cloud environments due to diminished performance.

Today, you can still use .NET Framework to:
Build Web applications using ASP.NET MVC on the .NET Framework
Build Windows applications using UWP, WPF and Windows Forms on the .NET Framework
Provide Windows services including; Networking, Application deployment, Type and memory safety, APIs, Data structures, Memory management, Security.
.NET Framework
.NET Core

.NET core is the new generation and future of .NET technologies. It is typically used to build cloud applications and in refactoring enterprise applications into microservices. .NET Core has the following main features:

Light and Modular: Install only what you need. (It’s not monolithic like .NET Framework)

Scalable, high capacity, and high Performance: Especially useful in Cloud environments where such efficiencies translate into substantial cost savings over time

Has a significant open source and GitHub community

.NET Framework
.NET Core

Used to build mobile apps on iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows Mobile.

What types of applications can .NET be used to create?

Web/Cloud-based applications

HTTP, XML and SOAP Web services
Enterprise application integration and business systems integration

Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Embedded system applications
Applications in street lights, signal control, vehicle tracking,
automation, robotics, etc.

Desktop applications

WinForms or Windows GUI applications
Windows services applications
Value chain/supply management applications
Inventory applications
Warehousing applications
Accounting applications

Other types of applications

Console based applications
Class Libraries
Windows Presentation Foundation applications
Workflow-enabled applications
Service-oriented applications
ASP.NET applications

Mobile applications

Choosing between .NET Core and .NET Platform

When to use .NET Framework?
When .NET Framework is already in use
When the .NET solution needs to run on Windows and not on another OS. This is because .NET Framework only runs on the Windows platform (Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Azure, and XML Web services).
When building large-scale enterprise applications and Windows applications using data connection tools and .NET workflow.
When the required solution/.NET app is not compatible with .NET Core.
When to use .NET Core?
A multiplatform application used across different OS is required
UWP or Windows 10 applications are needed
A microservice-based application is required
A server application needs to be deployed to Docker containers
Building high-performance and scalable systems
Command line interface control is required on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Several versions of .NET need to be used together in the same project

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Tizbi Microsoft .NET Technology Expertise

Visual Basic,
.NET, .NET Core, Mono, Azure,
Xamarin, PHP 5+, Laravel,
Android 2.1+, iOS 5+
ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Web Pages), ASP.NET Core (MVC), Web API, Web API Core
Monolithic, Microservices, Service Oriented Architecture
MS SQL Server, MySQL, Couchbase,
MongoDB, Lucene search, Oracle
Front End
HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript / ES6 / Babel / jQuery, AngularJS / React / Vue.js, Webpack, Responsive Design, UWP, WinForms, WPF, WinRT, Silverlight
Entity Framework (EF),

.NET Development service offerings

Life cycle
Full life-cycle custom .NET development
.NET flexible and scalable custom solutions
3rd party .NET customization
Tizbi’s focus is to deliver .NET development services that have tangible value to our clients. Our services are as follows:
.NET migration and upgradation services
Product enhancement based on .NET technologies
.Net maintenance and support (including patching, bug fixing, and testing)
.NET integration
.NET integration
.NET consulting
.NET consulting

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Tizbi is a leading custom software development company with over 20 years of development experience, and whose passion for building smart, well-designed .NET solutions makes us the best partner for enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and advanced startups.

One of our grounding principles is to ensure that the clients that we work with profit from our interaction and/or integration. With .NET, our clients are able to solve problems, make a profit, achieve success and thrive in competitive environments.

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