How Biopharmaceutical Company lists $70 M in Annual Sales with Long Lasting Tizbi Team Rotation


In 2001 TrialCard offered Tizbi a unique opportunity to help in building their new technological platform implementing their patented, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical marketing process and applying it to their first pharmaceutical clients, including GSK and Pfizer.

Tizbi developers and TrialCard worked in a tight partnership, starting at TrialCard’s inception. We used Microsoft technology stack and n-Tier architecture to develop a secure, HIPPA-compliant information system capable of processing hundreds of transactions per minute. The system is both scalable and versatile, and easily adaptable to changing business rules.


As TrialCard obtained their first customers, the need for customization of the platform became more evident, and our custom software developers were integrated into the day-to-day operation of the TrialCard business team in order to provide quick responses to constantly changing business needs.

One of the more unusual and challenging technological aspects was the integration of TrialCard’s infrastructure with the national NCPDP network, connecting 65000 pharmacies and allowing real-time processing of pharmaceutical claims. In an effort to open new horizons in the pharmaceutical marketing industry, this integration was essential as it was a cornerstone for providing real-time rewards to the client at the point of sale.

Tizbi Solution

This critical component designed in 2002 is undoubtedly the most utilized piece of code the Tizbi team of developers has ever created. Literally, tens of millions of sample cards were processed via this computer juncture, and thousands more are processed every day. We are proud to state that our key infrastructure developed for TrialCard in 2001-2003 has survived 15 years of the phenomenal growth of the company, which is a rare duration for any information technology platform.

This partnership would not be possible without great and consistent support from TrialCard management. Tizbi and TrialCard software engineers have always worked hand-in-hand on implementing the most challenging IT solutions, sometimes under severe time limitations. It was always “us” through good days and bad days, and never “them” vs “us”.

We are proud that even today in 2021 our custom software development team works together with the TrialCard engineering team, exactly as they did 21 years ago. This business relationship is tested by time and is validated through our joint success. Today, TrialCard can boast a team of 300 plus employees and lists $70 M in annual sales. This business relationship is one of Tizbi’s most valuable assets, and we thank TrialCard for their continuous trust and support through all of these years together.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:


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