Quality Assurance is a set of activities covering all the technological stages of the development, release and operation of software undertaken at different stages of the software lifecycle to ensure the required level of quality of the product.
Thus, quality assurance is an important component of development for preventing problems and meeting customer needs. In recent years, the popularity of QA is only growing, as it provides many opportunities for helping businesses.

First Impression

As you know, there is only one chance to make a first impression.
And if users for the first time open an application and it's of poor
quality, uncomfortable or looks unprofessional, they will most
likely never return to using this product even after fixing the errors.

Testing will avoid such a situation and get a qualitative result in the end.

One of the testing tasks is to make sure that the software product meets the requirements.

The sooner an error is found in the software, the cheaper the price of fixing it.
Not to mention the fact that errors found by users are fraught with reputational risks.

Providing a high-quality product to the market allows avoiding negative
reviews and assessments, increasing the trust of customers
to the brand.

Testing specialists provide information about system status and bugs on time, at the earliest stages, which allows you to adhere to the established development time and do not waste time of customers and users waiting for patches and updates.
Knowledge of the technical part of the product and the needs of users
allows the testing specialists to form a comprehensive
view of the product, helping to provide more
user-friendly applications for better
user experience.
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