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Lunch and Learn. Digital Transformation in practice: Tizbi local partners

Thursday, May 3, 2018

While some industries have already undergone a radical digital transformation, there are still many that cling to their analogue way of doing business. But as a brand (or leader) of business, when do you know that you're really ready, and what do you do next?

Tizbi invites you to hear from our Local Partners involved in creating real business benefits with digital technologies. Hear three inspiring talks about how digital transformation impacts and leads an organization in change.
Pinpoint your position today, understand your industry's digital maturity, and learn what changes you should make and when. In other words, be more successful tomorrow than you are today. 

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this program would be executive level from all companies, non-technical

The program requires a $10 registration fee to attend (lunch included). Space is limited to two people per member company/organization, please. NCTA reserves the right to cancel your registration if you don't meet the attendee requirements outlined above. Questions about registration? Contact Mary Smith, Events Manager, at (919) 856-0393.


● Pavel Nikolajev, CEO and Founder of Prudens LLC 

Big Data and Predictive Analysis for Business
Description:  Using Time Series based Big Data Technologies and Neural-Network Predictive Analysis Solutions for Business Forecasting.

● Philippe Machuel, CEO Shelly North Carolina, Inc

Powered by Shelly : Have an educated conversation with your Business
Description: Our Innovative Workflow Software provides the technology platform that facilitates a conversation between executives, operations and data. Innovative Workflow taps into your procedures and systems at every possible pain point and identifies not only how, where and when you use your enterprise's resources, but how you can direct that usage more efficiently to achieve measurable savings. Our software identifies operational efficiency gaps then designs intelligent workflows that elevate performance, results and profits.

● Mike McTaggart, President - Global Digital

Digital Transformation: Trends You Need to Watch
Description: Digital Transformation has many facets. In fact, it can be so far-reaching that it can seem impossible to differentiate between "interesting technology" and a major disruption to your business. Mike will cover trends that ALL businesses should watch, as they represent disruptive threats as well as exciting opportunities for nearly all businesses.

About the Presenters

Pavel Nikolajev, CEO and Founder of Prudens LLC

Pavel Nikolajev With more than 20 years of experience in multiple fields of IT Pavel had been working with wide variety of technologies from Legacy Systems to Neural Networks and Quantum Computing. He holds certification in Analytics and patent for Device Brokers in Sales. His company Prudens provides a complete suite of Big Data Analytics and Neural Network based Predictive Analysis for Business.

Philippe Machuel, CEO Shelly North Carolina Inc.

Philippe Machuel For more than two decades, Philippe has been a top strategic consultant for Shelly's global customers, including Ethicon SA (Johnson & Johnson Company), BIC World, Lindt & Sprungli Chocolate and Senoble SA.

Mike McTaggart, President - Global Digital

Mike McTaggart Mike has over 20 years experience as a leader in IT. He is currently the President of Global Digital. an IT consulting firm that provides both traditional IT consulting, as well as Digital Transformation services. Mike specializes in advising/coaching companies to raise their team's Digital IQ, enabling them to become more agile and maintain a competitive advantage. As an entrepreneur, Mike has garnered respect collaborating with organizations to embrace technology, learn to be innovative, and transform their business.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

11:30 AM - 01:00 PM EST


Archie K. Davis Conference Center

12 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Watch Videos from our Previous Seminar: "How to Succeed in Digital Transformation: Strategies and Practical Steps"

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