Smart tool for marketers and executives to make informed and faster ad related decisions

Combine the marketing and sales departments of your company through powerful software like flamenavigator. The end-to-end analytics allows for transparency and easy flow of information between departments, while the automated bidding system ensures that your marketing budget is being allocated to the right campaigns with marketing automation

Why FlameNavigator?

Sometimes designing a marketing campaign feels like more questions than answers. FlameNavigator solves many universal marketing mysteries like...

  • How effective is your company marketing?
  • Which channels are bringing more sales?
  • Which channels need to be optimized for more sales?
  • Which channels are working?
  • Are you spending too much money?
  • Are you not spending enough money?
  • And many more very important questions...

If you need an answer to any of the above, FlameNavigator can help you gain a better understanding of all these points and improve your marketing operations.

Define your marketing campaigns!

The FlameNavigator solution involved two halves. End-to-end analytics and an automated bidding system for digital ads.

Our process:

  • Get rid of double entry between departments
  • Aggregate all relevant tools into one connected system
  • Introduce advanced marketing reports
  • Automate digital advertising
  • Increase effectiveness of digital advertising

Our Features


Automatic data collection


Centralized view of business data


Comprehensive dashboards and reporting


Monitor visibility and effectiveness


Fake click protection


Smart algorithms for paid ads

Our Benefits

Drag Drop
High-quality decision making based on complete data
Report Setup
Integration and transparency, combined data in one tool
Connect marketing and sales
Improve KPIs without changing your ad budget
Maximize your profits

DPM is a unique task centric system that is driven by process models of your company’s key processes.

DPM can provide more enhanced functionality than a custom Quality Management System can provide. DPM provides similar functionality to full Manufacturing Execution Systems for a fraction of the cost.

Manufacturers who have to maintain full product traceability for nuclear, aerospace, or pharmaceutical processes will find that DPM fulfills those needs.

DPM is a web based system that helps companies document its processes and then publishes these processes for use by the company (including vendors and suppliers). The documented processes are the live processes that are used to convert customer requests to cash.

Once the processes are deployed, employees are assigned tasks in a prioritized list to ensure that everyone is working on the proper task to ensure coordination across departments and improve on time delivery. As employees use the system, task requirements are fulfilled including verified data entry and document uploads.

Employees and management have full visibility of the process documentation, process status, and exception reporting. Emails can be automatically configured to communicate to customers or to inform employees and management of quality issues, late tasks, and other key job information.

Data can be aggregated and reported, not only from the DPM system, but from other systems such as your MRP/ERP/Accounting systems as well.

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