Developing Custom Business Management Software for Manufacturing


Ardent is a manufacturer sales rep organization. This prestigious group acts as a matchmaker for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and resellers. The Ardent vision is to identify the proper sales channels and develop an efficient and reliable sales revenue machine for clients.

With a successful network of connections, the Ardent team has established meaningful relationships between manufacturers and sellers, oiling the supply chain and facilitating the growth of many promising and well-established companies.


The main challenge faced by Ardent was a lack of a proper business management software system. Similarly, they lacked their own IT solutions, and decided to partner with Tizbi’s team of developers.

The Ardent business model was very complicated, involving the mediation of hundreds of reps, clients, and customers. All of these parties actively communicated with one another and used Ardent as a bridge for their connections.

Many promising but complex business relationships formed between these parties, and there was no means to manage the process. Then, once these connections were made, it was equally vital to track the rep’s performance for a particular customer to ensure the quality of the work remained consistently good.

Ardent came up with a brilliant idea to make a business management software system that would support their unique business needs.

Tizbi Solution

Tizbi’s team of developers designed and implemented this management software from scratch, combining all of the business entities involved and linking them under one powerful interface.

The new business management software system facilitated:

  • A detailed database including information on thousands of reps, clients, and customers
  • A system for manufacturer reps, clients, and customers to organize/track information
  • A channel for reps to report on their sales activity and monitor business progress
  • A collection of metrics and custom KPIs

By creating this custom-made management program Tizbi’s dedicated team of developers were able to increase efficiency and organization for a successful company like Ardent.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

.NET Microsoft stack MS SQL Server C# ASP

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