Break Out of a Software Hostage Situation for Media Platform


Crumbs Media is a huge idea pioneered by an experienced captain of the music industry Ray Williams. Ray Williams is known for discovering the popular musical artist Elton John, and has worked with and produced the music of many other successful artists.

As a veteran of the music industry, he came up with an innovative plan that would adjust the process of licensing music and finding the appropriate track to accompany a film, video, or other artistic projects.

The big idea behind Crumbs Media is to simplify this process of licensing music so that musicians can find an easyway to get paid for their music and get more lucrative deals than when trying to work with large media companies.

As a whole Crumbs would act as a medium between musicians, and consumers of music with a quality web interface that sells music in a quick, convenient, and legal way. With Crumbs media, artists won't get robbed of the money generated from their work and people who want to use quality music in their projects will know where they can find it.


Before Tizbi's intervention, the Crumbs team was a classic victim of what we have coined the Software Hostage Situation. In a software hostage situation, the lead programmer of a project causes most of the project's problems, refuses assignments, delays progress, and makes excuses for why the project is not moving forward. Despite the lack of progress, the project budget will grow without any reasonable explanation.

In the specific situation of Crumbs Media, all of these traits were present when Tizbi was asked to intervene. The programmer who had previously been working on the development of this project had provided a flawed code that had holes in its logic and contributed very little to the vision's needs.There are not many options to get out of this situation. Through mutual connections, Ray Williams and the rest of the team at Crumbs were introduced to Tizbi. We offered a solution to this escalating dilemma.

Tizbi Solution

Tizbi developers took over the old code and began changing it for the better. The original code had been written in "raw PHP." It was a strange decision made by the original programmer. Usually, when using PHP, special frameworks are implemented. This decision made for a very inconvenient technology that worked slowly and cost much more than necessary.

New developers were to convert the code from a "raw" form to a helpful PHP that included a framework. When the team finished writing the code, they began implementing the advanced tools envisioned for the website.

Although Tizbi was in a situation where they needed to accomplish more with less money, Crumbs' head was always ready to spend time on the project and help inform our programmers about the music industry.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:


Where is Crumbs today?

This project is still ongoing but nearing its completion.

A fully-realized action website for musicians is ready for production. This website will include thousands of tracks, accessible pathways to licensure for musicians, and several nifty tools that make finding music for projects so much more convenient.

The next step in the Crumbs Media platform is to develop a mobile-friendly app.

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