Used Technologies: C#   HTML5

Building a Comprehensive Digital Experience for Local Artists Space


Imurj is a platform for local musical artists, producers, and listeners. The platform allows local artists to upload their music and expose their sound to many new potential fans. Casual listeners can enjoy Imurj radio, and specially designed playlists. Imurj members may also receive announcements for upcoming concerts of all their favorite local artists. Additionally, any restaurants, cafes, or other such venues can use archived music to play for their customers and establish a specific ambiance through the various genres of meticulously crafted playlists.

Imurj’s goal is to shine the spotlight on lesser-known local artists across North Carolina, to expose talented individuals to greater audiences, and possibly pave the way towards their discovery. It is a win-win scenario where fresh talent can show off their work, and members can enjoy high-quality music and discover artists that they may have never found otherwise.


The Imurj team was not fully able to meet the creative needs of their ambitious project. It was not immediately apparent how to design software that would fit existing criteria, and also be flexible enough to evolve along with the project vision. Further, some of the existing technologies needed updates, in areas such as moderation, technology integration, and software development.

At this point, Imurj had the option to completely re-build their technology as the current set up was unable to keep up with demands. However, this was not the most cost-effective strategy. With these difficulties in mind, it became apparent that what the project needed to succeed was a bigger team and better tools that would be more compatible with the project’s diverse needs.

Tizbi Solution

Through custom software development, Tizbi was able to adjust the existing components of the technology and replace what was previously implemented piece by piece. Essentially, Tizbi created a new code for Imurj that was better suited for the project’s demands. This code was successful in completing the existing demands, and more malleable so that it could easily evolve along with the project vision.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:


Custom Software Development: Tizbi’s Approach

With Tizbi’s intervention several innovative features were added to the project. This included a framework that was easier and cheaper to create. A committed project manager was added to the team, allowing for a clean up of pre-existing operations. New ideas were brainstormed, allowing Imurj to move forward in development from a previously rigid position. A safer design was implemented, with built-in safety nets to allow for corrections if any mistakes occurred. Lastly, a flexible code was added, allowing for the vision to evolve into a form that suited the creators as they thought of new elements.

After the struggle and rebuilding, Imurj was finally able to launch a new version of the project which contained many new and creative functions than were not expected in the project’s first drafts.

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