The Innovative My Hot Lunchbox: Developing Effective Custom Software!

Developing Effective Food Delivery Software for Schools


My Hot Lunchbox is a genuinely revolutionary business idea that is on par with companies like Uber and Airbnb in its resourcefulness. Instead of organizing car rides or renting out real estate, the goal of My Hot Lunchbox is to provide warm and delicious lunches for school children.

The business model consists of partnering with restaurants neighboring various schools. Parents would have access to these restaurants' menus and be able to select and order lunches for their kids. Then, My Hot Lunchbox steps in to deliver the lunches to the school, processing all of the transactions associated with these orders.

The project's main goals were to provide children quality lunches while keeping nutrition and dietary restrictions in mind. Further, a portion of the profits raised were to be donated back to school communities, creating a philanthropic cycle that benefits the school system in more ways than one.


When Tizbi was introduced to this exciting idea, My Hot Lunchbox was operating via a 3rd party software vendor. This fact was creating many obstacles in the operations and growth of the business. Among these issues was a lack of necessary customization to the existing software, difficulty implementing important functionality, and an overpriced subscription fee. To make matters worse, they were forced to share the package with other companies.

These core roadblocks were halting the progress of a business model that had a lot of potential to generate a great deal of revenue while also serving the community it represented. That was when the team decided it was time to implement custom software development.

This was a huge decision for the company. Starting as a small business, there were many budgetary concerns associated with developing personalized software. Although it was a necessary step in business development, it was a tough call to make.

Tizbi Solution

Strong communication was a key player in determining where to start with My Hot Lunchbox. The team was crucial in planning. They decided which features were essential to the functioning of the first software production.

In less than three months, the new My Hot Lunchbox website was live. Shortly after that, any remaining kinks were worked out through the combined efforts of the Tizbi project team, and the My Hot Lunchbox crew. As the first users started placing their lunch orders, the website developed rapidly into a smoothly functioning machine.

Four months after the project's initial start and over 20,000 lunches had already been delivered via the new website, and the number was quickly growing! As a whole, My Hot Lunchbox had skyrocketed into success, developing into a multi-state business.

The real power of quality software development should not be underestimated! Often all a business is missing is a strong and flexible platform. Don't wait to kickstart your next software project. Contact Tizbi today!

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:


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