FlameNavigator marketing Automation dashboard

Advanced Marketing Automation Platform for Marketers and Business Executives


FlameNavigator is an advanced marketing automation platform, covering end-to-end analytics and incorporating a smart bidding system for marketers and business executives. This project was constructed for our sister company FlameOFF Coatings which specializes in selling innovative fireproof coatings.

FlameNavigator aims to improve visibility in the productivity of a marketing campaign. Also to automate ad campaigns so that the most relevant keywords were being prioritized, and the marketing budget gets distributed appropriately.


FlameOFF incorporated different digital marketing techniques and marketing software tools (Google and Bing ads, email, Social media advertising). The data from these tools was not combined, so it was not possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing channels to see which efforts bring higher ROI.

With new leads, customers, and orders it was important to analyze and track the work of the marketing department. Various sources were incorporated including but not limited to google analytics, CRMs, and call tracking, however, this data was not connected, and it was not easy to track the customer’s journey to see which strategies were and weren’t effective at driving conversions.

Because of the limited visibility, it was near impossible to identify the most successful marketing campaigns, the ineffective advertising channels, and measure and increase ROI. The many disparate tools lead to a double-entry issue in data and paid advertising proved to be unpredictable leaving more questions than answers.

Tizbi Solution

End-to-end analytics and an automated bidding system were the answer. Tizbi’s expert programmers were able to design an entirely new system that specialized in analyzing and controlling the digital marketing of a company.

The end-to-end analytics of FlameNavigator tracks the path of a customer from the point of contact to the final purchase, as well as any future transactions. It also provides next-level reporting with customized dashboards, marketing audits, call center analysis, control over ad budget, lead relevance analysis, and more. The system integration module aggregated all the tools into one connected system that allows for a deep analysis of marketing results. With FlameNavigator, all marketing data and various software programs are combined in one tool, improving organization and removing double entry issues.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

Python VUE.JS Pandas Redis MS SQL

Automated Bidding System

FlameNavigator smart bidding tool dashboard

Meanwhile, the automated bidding system allowed companies to trust in their advertising, as FlameNavigator tracks the most relevant keywords that fit into your company’s ad budget. By processing hundreds of keywords an hour, this software ensured that FlameOFF maintained top rankings in google ads for all relevant search terms within an allotted budget, keeping ahead of the competition and reducing human error.

Interested in end-to-end analytics or an automated bidding system for your company's marketing department? Let’s talk and discuss your options.

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