How eCommerce Website Development Improved Organization for The Produce Box


The Produce Box is a prime example of how software development and custom eCommerce website development helped facilitate a blossoming local business in North Carolina.

When Courtney Tellefson started her business journey, her goal was to support local farmers and simultaneously mobilize stay-at-home parents with extra time. The Produce Box’s business model bypassed grocery stores and delivered quality fresh produce to families via a convenient delivery service.

The exciting catch with The Produce Box model was their one-of-a-kind delivery team. This business force consisted mainly of community mothers with bigger cars, like minivans, that would accommodate large delivery boxes. These valuable community members were willing to assist in the effort in between their other daily commitments.

When Tizbi was introduced to the project to implement website development, the business was already thriving with over 150 distributors and around 15000 customers. These stats were growing every day at breakneck speeds.


As previously established when Tizbi entered the picture, The Produce Box was already thriving and growing rapidly. In a counterintuitive way, this was the source of the problem they had encountered.

They lacked a quality database to keep up with their increasing business demands.

At the time, their business software was essentially limited to excel spreadsheets. This style was inflexible and unable to keep up with the growing demands of their clientele. For example, managers lacked visibility of the business process.

There was a lack of decent database development to facilitate their business needs. This contributed to mistakes in deliveries, poor coordination between management and providers, and other similar issues.

In short, the demand for The Produce Box was growing every week, and they had no effective database to process their workload.

Tizbi Solution

Courtney knew that the solution lay in custom website development. However, her initial attempts to create a platform didn’t immediately work until she was introduced to Tizbi.

It took about six months to create the platform, which included a customized user interface for consumers and managers. Features in this consumer-facing interface included placing orders, managing subscriptions, an exchange program for unsatisfied customers and other functions.

The administrative interface ensured the company workers were able to communicate just as fluidly. Executive dashboards, a reporting system, integration with QuickBooks and the ability to add more farms for distribution were added.

Our team of dedicated developers designed a program for Courtney’s business from scratch to meet her company’s unique needs. Communication with stakeholders allowed for transparency and an understanding of what was needed in the software development process.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

.NET C# SQL server JavaScript API

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