Advanced Full Service Web Product to Streamline College Football Recruiting


The Process, is a full-service football recruiting company for everyone involved in the process (student-athletes, family, friends, mentors, high school coaches and college coaches) that operates and manages the transition of high-school football athletes to the college level.


Tizbi’s task was to create the website site from scratch that would bring all of the interested parties together to enable the successful student-athlete transition from high school to college.

Our Solution

Tizbi® managed to transfer the entire recruiting process into one workflow by implementing numerous mechanics on The Process website by using PHP, MySQL and Python programming languages. The platform created also enables the ability to be franchised to fit any other professional sport.
5 months duration
650 man-hours

"A few years ago we were introduced to the Tizbi® team by a friend of mine. During our search for a company we could engage to develop our web portal/platform, we met with a spoke to a lot of software companies.

In the end we choose Tizbi® to develop our robust web platform for our football recruiting service. Sasha, Steve and Kat were great to work with and made it easy for us, as non-technical folks to understand.

We have used them to continuously for upgrades and new development.

They did an outstanding job and our web platform has been very well received by our clients. I would highly recommend Tizbi® to anyone looking for a software development company."

Mark Flynn
- COO - Co Founder, THE PROCESS

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

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