Android App Development for Paint Applicators

Android App Development for Paint Applicators


Android app development enabled this paint manufacturing company to improve client outreach by creating this useful mobile app/calculator tool. The process of professional paint application is not always straightforward and often requires measures and calculations to ensure everything is up to standards.

The Coating Calculator android app was a part of this company’s drive to make the painting application process easier. This android application development company created a mobile app to help coating applicators calculate the necessary mil thickness needed to coat steel membranes in a construction project with fireproof paint.


Before our team of android app developers stepped in, the coating calculator tool only existed as a page within the company’s website. Many companies may find themselves in a similar position, however mobile apps allow businesses to gain a competitive edge and better connect with clients. In order to modernize their software, engage with clients, and improve company marketing strategies, they began the construction of an android app.

The mission was to create useful android software that could be used by construction professionals with a straightforward and user-friendly design. Not only would this be a helpful android app for the construction/painter industry, but it would also work to strengthen customer bonds for our clients.

This android app was to be an instrument for painters to enable quick calculations without restrictions, registration, or a need to input personal info. In short, to develop an android app that construction professionals could download the app and immediately get to work without jumping through extra hoops.

The android app development team strove to create a mobile app that processed a large amount of useful applicator information, that didn’t require the input of personal information in order to use it, and enabled an easy download straight to the phones of construction professionals.

Tizbi Solution

Tizbi app developers created a user-friendly coating calculator program that was easy to integrate into an android app. Our dedicated dev team took this idea through every stage of the android development cycle.

Collectively this android app would improve the job of paint applicators by offering a convenient tool, while simultaneously strengthening the reputation of the manufacturing company among existing and potential customers. By providing this useful and well made app, clients' trust in the company grew, and improved their general reputation within the industry.

Technological Info

The technology incorporated in this project included:

Mobile app Android Java SQL Node js Java Script

How the calculator works

How the calculator works

The calculator included numerous sizes and shapes for steel beams commonly incorporated in construction, and provided vital application information including in regards to intumescent coating application. Measurements provided included: Fire Rating (min), Dry Film Thickness (Mils), Gallons of paint necessary per Linear Foot , Sq Foot per Gallon, Number of Coats required.

Features included in the Coating Calculator Android App:

  • Anonymous, allowing users to explore without inputting any personal data
  • The ability to request all calculations in a downloadable pdf via email
  • The function to call FlameOFF Coatings technical support with questions

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