How to use AI in Business Communications

by Maria Birger

There is a common misconception that the future of business lies in  Artificial Intelligence (AI).. The truth of the matter is that AI has long since infiltrated the present-day business scene without much attention being drawn to the fact. Many companies have embraced this subtle transformation, implementing various changes to create a more affordable and efficient workday.

AI is being used in many aspects of everyday life, as well as in business affairs. Standard communication practices have been revolutionized through the implementation of AI. Tizbi's focus lies in helping people understand where AI is used, and more specifically, how it can be incorporated, such as through recorded business voice calls. There are many ways in which voice calls are beneficial to a company's operations, and many reasons why AI should be used to analyze these calls.

How to use AI in Business Communications

It is not always evident to bystanders where in life AI is being used. The truth is that it is everywhere. Take, for example, AI autopilots. Autopilots have filtered into the airline industry, proving to be more than capable of flying planes and resolving common flight issues such as turbulence. Some programs are known to outperform human pilots on certain tasks. This embrace of autopilots occurred in a fashion that was nearly invisible to frequent fliers, although it is such common practice in the modern-day.

The nearly invisible assimilation of AI in the airline industry represents an example of a similar transformation that is occurring in the trade of business communication. This transformation is not about replacing human workers. Instead, it is about allowing people to open up their schedules for more important tasks that require critical thinking and allowing AI to handle the menial day-to-day tasks that human workers would rather not be bothered with.

Communication is an area of business in which AI has proven to be a reliable tool through email organization, interactive voice response (IVR), chatbots, and other areas. Far too many hours of the day are wasted away in pointless labor that eats away precious time, which could be spent more effectively on other, more stimulating tasks. This is one reason why AI tools are being implemented as excellent replacements, helping optimize the workday for both the company and customer.

Consider recorded voice calls

Beyond email, IVR, and chatbots, AI can be employed to analyze phone calls. On any given day, the average company will receive and deliver multitudes of phone calls. Even as technology develops, voice calls remain one of the leading tools for professional communication. These phone calls are chock-full of vital data that should be used to improve a company’s functionality. Any company that is receiving phone calls but not making an effort to systematically record them might be missing out on many opportunities for success. With Tizbi’s assistance, it is all too easy to set it up so that every business phone call is recorded and stored. With this step out of the way, a wealth of information remains at the disposal of the company.

Consider recorded voice calls

There are many reasons for a company to record calls coming in and out daily


 There are many reasons for a company to record calls coming in and out daily

1. Train Representatives

A key element of successful business operations is training. Recorded phone calls can become an inexpensive tool that allows a team to function like a well-oiled machine by understanding which aspects of a transaction went well, and which aspects could benefit from more work.


A key element of successful business operations is training

2. Improve and Optimize

An archive of phone calls allows those who are in charge to figure out if any drawbacks are occurring in the current sales process. With the information laid out and carefully combed by AI finding out what works and what doesn’t becomes painless and easily manageable.


Improve and opimize the sales process

3. Follow Up

An important step of the sales process includes the follow-up program that enables representatives to stay in touch with their customers. Recording calls allows a company to get to know their customers better to create more personable follow-up procedures to help seal the deal.


Marketing tips

4. Marketing Tips

There are always questions about the best way to spend a company’s marketing budget. This leaves an important playground for analytics that starts with collecting historical data and shows the effectiveness of various marketing channels, and corresponding sales results in the future.


Help customers

5. Help Customers

Monitored phone calls give information about what a customer experiences when they place a call to a company. By studying these calls, it becomes easy to understand what a customer wants. With this information, it will become easier to improve customer service, the customer’s journey, as well as the customer’s experience as a whole.


Customer engagement

6. Customer Engagement

Such calls allow representatives to get to know their customers and engage with them. Recorded calls facilitate an avenue to understand why people call, learn about customer demographics, and provide other such valuable data.


Client disasters

7. Client Disasters

Recordings allow companies to learn from major mistakes. Anything within a transaction that may have gone horribly wrong remains at the company’s disposal. The records allow representatives to recognize a client disaster, and learn how to fix the problem in future interactions.


Pricing hints

8. Pricing Hints

Analyzing calls can lead companies to an understanding of their current pricing position in comparison to competitors. Learn from clients who have experienced competing products. Understand what a product's price should be in relation to its value.


Compile company KPI

9. Compile Company KPI

Checkups on company productivity and the individual performance of representatives allows companies to understand the most vital functions of such calls as they pertain to specific projects. It is possible to know if a company is reaching its target. Recorded collections also provide a health assessment of a company.


Forecast the future

10. Forecast the Future

Checkups on company productivity and the individual performance of representatives allows companies to understand the most vital functions of such calls as they pertain to specific projects. It is possible to know if a company is reaching its target. Recorded collections also provide a health assessment of a company.


The drawback to this vast collection of information is the task of data-mining. In order to compile the useful information, someone must bear the tedious task of listening to hundreds of these recordings, multiple times, to weed out that which is truly important from the extraneous static. With the integration of AI, this problem becomes easily manageable.

Tizbi offers assistance in this goal by assigning AI the task of data-mining these recorded phone calls. Tizbi AI employs supervised learning tactics to improve understanding of these tasks. In essence, with supervised learning AI relies on human feedback to optimize performance on an assignment.

AI will identify useful information and the critical moments of a call so that when the time comes, only the most vital elements of a conversation are pooled. Machines can learn these skills much faster and function more efficiently as they sort through this data without getting bored or overwhelmed by the colossal amount of information they are tasked with sorting through. There is no longer a need to waste precious time on countless recordings.

Companies employing intelligent voice recording systems see immediate improvement in customer service quality, along with an increase in returning customers, and far less customers dropping projects midway through. Allowing Tizbi to help provides a company with useful information to improve communication and marketing while winning back valuable time that is needed for other essential tasks.

AI is not the future of business, it is the most current and efficient way to handle certain operations. Why wait any longer for these amazing tools when they can be employed today? Reach out to Tizbi now and set up an intelligent voice recording system to benefit from better customer service, better client relations, and altogether better business operations.

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