Tizbi’s Continues Improvements to Backup Protocols

by Alexander Birger

Tizbi is a software development company that has operated in Raleigh, NC for eighteen years. For many years Tizbi developed and distributed its own backup software to all of its servers because there was no other backup software on the market at the time that fit its operational model. The Tizbi backup software was robust, good at what it was intended to do, and complete with off-site backup features, but also inflexible and complex. As time went by, and Tizbi’s business operations expanded, there grew also an impending need to perform a holistic update to the backup system. The greatest impetus of Tizbi rethinking its backup protocols stemmed from the virtualization of its infrastructure.

Tizbi researched the market and found a solution provided by a company that is specialized solely in backup software. The newly installed system covers all of the functions previously featured in the Tizbi backup software, but also includes updated modules and new automated capabilities. The new backup system pairs the security on which Tizbi has always prided itself with the automation and cloud-friendliness of a more virtually-minded system.

There are now fewer steps in the Tizbi recovery procedure, and the user permissions delegation allows development teams and customers to manage their own backups remotely. With the virtualization of the majority of Tizbi’s servers, the backup system now backs up according to the automatic parameters set up in the software, and the backup protocols automatically apply to newly created virtual machines.

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