Virtualization of Tizbi Infrastructure

by Alexander Birger

In the winter of 2015, Tizbi decided to move the majority of its infrastructure to the cloud as well as build a cloud of its own for better security and privacy of Tizbi customers. We are leaving behind the constraints and disadvantages of physical infrastructure. Now, any time we need a new server, writing a single line of code creates one. Creating a typical server is even easier, involving only the cloning of an existing server. In order to increase the performance of a server to suit our needs, we now need only to change a setting and the performance rises accordingly. 

Virtualization of infrastructure and going to the cloud has the following benefits:

  • Flexible configuration in that there is an instantaneously adjustable resource capacity
  • It is easy to transfer a virtual machine from one host machine to another host machine
  • The network does not participate in inter-server exchanges, resulting in a faster transfer of data
  • Backing up servers is easier – snapshots allow us to copy an image of the server and revert to that image at any time
  • Differently configured servers can easily be created to manage higher stress from traffic or processing needs
  • Our multi-server configuration on the cloud allow us to balance the load of users between servers to maximize efficiency
  • Virtual machines are essentially files, and can be managed as such (copied, deleted, moved, etc.)
  • Scalable infrastructure – we can build any number of virtual machines on a host machine, or any number of host machines, exchanging virtual machines between them at any time

Tizbi determined that the benefits of virtualization far outweigh the costs, and boldly decided to make the leap to the cloud. We have plans to build host machines for many of our clients, and to move some of our virtual machines transferred to data centers at the request of our customers. Tizbi also plans to help some customers build their own virtual environments to help facilitate deploying our projects in their own environments.

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