How to Reduce my IT Budget

by Maria Birger

As the business world's digital tool kit, software development projects can easily pave the way to a company's success if they are implemented correctly. On the flip side, if you trust the wrong people or prioritize the wrong feature, you may quickly find yourself at the bottom of your budget with barely any work complete.

Maybe you are developing a new user-friendly app for your company to help improve sales. Or perhaps you are implementing the hottest new machine learning instruments to streamline operations. Whatever your project, it is vital to find a balance between quality development and a cost-effective budget. 

However, finding this balance can be easier said than done. That is why it is important to review your options when implementing the hottest tech for your projects.


How to Reduce my IT Budget


At Tizbi, we value flexibility when it comes to every individual project. No one company has the same staff or goals. Therefore each client requires an approach that is specific to their needs. 

When it is time to take action, your company can decide the strategy that best accommodates its short-term and long-term software development goals. Whether you hire your own developer team, substitute a position with a temporary developer or borrow an entire IT Team is ultimately up to you. Still, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of every option before making a decision.

 Table of contents:

Putting Together Your Own Software Team

Dishonest or incompetent outsourced IT teams have already burned many people in the industry. Unfortunately, the high demand for programmers leads to an abuse of power. This abuse may come in exaggerated development budgets and stalled deployment of software, accompanied by the big headache associated with solving these issues. 

Naturally, the solution to this would be to put together your own IT team to get you through your development needs. In taking this route, your company will gain control, a more transparent timeframe, and a stricter IT budget. These benefits are reasonable. However, they don't come without a cost. 

Taking on your own IT teams also means a dramatic increase in responsibility for software projects, as well as new employees. Hiring your team means ensuring that your new employees have the proper amount of experience in the specific technologies needed to accomplish your goals. It can be costly and confusing to supply a fully armed and competent IT battalion. Further, you must keep your team occupied with a non-stop onset of development projects in order to get your money's worth. 

This is not a bad route for people who are not afraid to invest large amounts into their software and prioritize expanding their technological tool belt because this route can get quite expensive. 

Luckily, if you're not ready for this step, it is not your only option.


Putting Together Your Own Software Team


Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated Development team is a neutral compromise between growing your own IT team and completely outsourcing a group. 

This approach is designed to augment your existing IT crew only in the amount needed for your company to complete a software project. Tizbi's dedicated development teams can be as big or small, as is your demand. 

Whether you need one temporary programmer to sub in for an employee who is taking an extended leave of absence, or a few full-stack developers who can help fill the holes in your current in house IT team, we are ready to fulfill your needs. Our team of experts is dedicated and experienced in various programming technologies, including Front end, Microsoft, Linux, mobile, data, CRM, and more. 

By taking on a dedicated development team, you have total control over how many people you take on and which area of expertise they should fill, and for how long. Then when you've had your fill, our team members return to us without any further expectations of work from you.

Consider the benefits of Tizbi's dedicated developers:

  • Affordability with a partner that won't extend contracts or ask for payment upfront
  • Versatile teams that are created to suit your project's goals
  • Safety in team members that have been vetted and trained by Tizbi
  • Seamless integration into your current staffing model


Dedicated Development Team


By using Tizbi programmers, you can rest assured that the development of your projects will be done efficiently and honestly by team members who know what they are doing and who genuinely want to improve your IT production. When you hire a dedicated development team from Tizbi, you can significantly save on your budget and receive high-quality technology in return.

Learn more about Tizbi's Dedicated Development Team

Entire IT Teams

Tizbi's offers:

  • Full-stack developers
  • Expert architects
  • DevOps engineers
  • Infrastructure specialists
  • Project managers
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Project rescue teams
  • Help desk personnel
  • Systems administrators

Along with other professionals who know exactly what to do to achieve your software goals. 

If your company lacks an IT department, but you are eager to jumpstart some software development for your business, then hiring a whole IT team may be the perfect route. As we have already established, putting together your own team from scratch can be difficult and expensive. That's why if your primary business passion does not lie in software, but you are looking to add some impressive technology to your arsenal, working with an outsourced IT team is a powerful option.


Entire IT Teams


Consider the benefits of taking on an entire IT Team from Tizbi:

Attention to your needs with a customer-centric approach

Reliability and understanding of project needs from experienced workers

The ability to adapt to your project's evolving goals

The reduction of risk in nearly every area of a project

An ability to accomplish regardless of budget constraints

A team with chemistry and experience working together


Receive excellent support through the entire development lifecycle of your projects. From conception to deployment, and then even day to day maintenance. An entire Tizbi IT team will satisfy your technological needs and will likely exceed your expectations.

Learn more about Tizbi's IT teams.

How Tizbi Can Help You?

We like to emphasize flexibility. 

When you take on Tizbi as an IT partner, you are taking on a group of people who have over 20 years of IT experience, with an entourage of programmers trained in various forms of software development technologies that deliver in ways that go above and beyond. 

Our team fits your needs, whether that means you need one programmer to help you through a specific element of your project or an entire team of developers who can lead you through the process from start to finish. Our full-stack developers know what they are doing, ensuring that your projects are treated with respect. 

Contact Tizbi today to start planning your next IT move.

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