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Chatbot Benefits for Businesses

Simplifyng purchase
Improved user experience
Better customer support
Chatbot Benefits for Businesses
Relation building
Quick service intergration
Resource economising

Chatbots: Reinforce Your Enterprise With AI

Chances are you’ve already aware of what a chatbot is. However, they are frequently underestimated. Many of us consider a chatbot to be merely a salesperson that is on duty 24/7. But chatbots have much more in store for those who are ready to unveil their full power.

Chatbots: Reinforce Your Enterprise With AI

There’s more to Chatbots than you might think

A chatbot is basically an AI-based software with abilities to process data, provide solutions, and even self-educate. Given that, chatbots can be widely applied in various industries, including business, healthcare, education, science, and many others

There’s more to Chatbots than you might think

How about a chatbot that can evaluate user’s symptoms and make him an appointment with a doctor who specializes in this precise area?

Deep Learning algorithm that can self-educate from communication with humans

Or maybe a helpline bot with built-in Deep Learning algorithm that can self-educate from communication with humans and, say, identify that there is a need for a professional psychologist to step in?

Chatbots can be widely applied in various industries

Personnel training departments would appreciate chatbots who can onboard newbies and help them out with their first tasks.

And the list goes on. Indeed, almost any activity can be improved and enhanced by introducing a chatbot into it.

Building a ChatBot: In-store Development or Partnering With Experts?

When thinking of a chatbot, you have two options: to entrust your own software development team with it (if you have one) or let TIZBI® take care of it for you. Your team may have what it takes to build an amateur chatbot, and with chatbot bootstrap platforms, providing source code for all comers, it would be a little bit easier. But the fact is, this kind of bot will be only a toy to play with.

Those who need an advanced chatbot that is a custom solution, not a one-fits-all product, most likely lack the required expertise within your own Dev team (unless your business is chatbot creating). An AI-powered, self-educating chatbot, seamlessly integrated with a CRM system, task manager or whatever else, can be created only by a skilled team with a related experience. So the takeaway is this: when in need of a tailored solution, seek a partner whose area of expertise is crafting chatbots. TIZBI® will be a perfect match!

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TIZBI® Chatbot Development: Your Best Option So Far

We at Tizbi® have been specializing in creating customized software products for big enterprises for 20 years now. Whether you need a chatbot, a more complex AI-based solution, or something completely different from standard software products, we are there for you!

Our full-time software developers led by skilled project managers are capable of implementing literally any viable idea you come up with.

TIZBI® Chatbot Development: Your Best Option So Far

What We Do

A compelling Design
State-of-art Engineering
Ongoing Performance Improvement
Support and Troubleshooting

We at Tizbi® go beyond ordinary chatbot development. Our vast expertise in creating custom solutions allows us to handle even the most challenging tasks. We also offer:

  • Cross-platform chatbots that do their job equally well in a variety of messenger apps
  • NLP- and AI-empowered chatbots to solve non-standard issues and provide the best user experience
  • Flow-based IVR chatbots to meet the unique needs of your business

Why Tizbi®

Tizbi® is a 20-year Custom Software veteran, working with both Fortune 100 enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and advanced startups. Many businesses bring us their development ideas and software projects for a first evaluation. If the client is really committed to his digital vision, we can make this new digital idea work and thrive.

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