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.NET is a programming model that is an iterative progression in the software business. It enables the simplified development, integration, and deployment of applications in a wide variety of programming languages within a managed execution environment.

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Why choose .NET development for your business solutions?

NET development

.NET is a leading development platform that developers choose to meet enterprise software demands.

Businesses have the option of contracting .NET companies to build customized applications to solve these needs through building solutions, for the Web/Cloud, desktop, mobile, and embedded systems.

.NET development companies can build enterprise applications that can benefit organizations in the following ways:
NET development companies
Reduced complexity Сomplex application projects can be streamlined and their time-to-market significantly reduced
Reduced complexity
Enhanced security Robust data protection is intrinsically designed into the technology for enterprise users
Enhanced security
Multiplatform compatibility Applications can be efficiently designed or integrated for use on a variety of technologies, infrastructure, and devices
Multiplatform compatibility
Cost-effective Compatibility with multiple programming languages, scalability, talent availability, easy maintenance, and other factors make it a cost-effective solutiona
Increased ROI Through lower development cost (e.g., reusable code), lower operational cost (e.g., stable and reliable technology), and increased efficiency from the use of the application to increase revenue

.NET Development service offerings

Full life-cycle custom .Net development
Full life-cycle custom .NET development
.Net flexible and scalable custom solutions
.NET flexible and scalable custom solutions
3rd party .Net customization
3rd party .NET customization
Tizbi’s focus is to deliver .NET development services that have tangible value to our clients. Our services are as follows:
.Net migration and upgradation services
.NET migration and upgradation services
Product enhancement based on .Net technologies
Product enhancement based on .NET technologies
.Net maintenance and support (including patching, bug fixing, and testing)
.Net maintenance and support (including patching, bug fixing, and testing)
.NET integration
.NET integration
.NET consulting
.NET consulting

Tizbi® should be your solution

Tizbi® is a leading custom software development company with over 20 years of development experience, and whose passion for building smart, well-designed .NET solutions makes us the best partner for enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and advanced startups.

One of our grounding principles is to ensure that the clients that we work with profit from our interaction and/or integration. With .NET, our clients are able to solve problems, make a profit, achieve success and thrive in competitive environments.

Are you ready to make the right choice in favor of .NET technology?

Our .Net development team

Our Tizbi® team is comprised of developers, expert architects, infrastructure specialists, project managers, quality assurance engineers, systems administrators, help desk personnel and other staff.

The .NET dev team is comprised explicitly of Full-Stack Developers (front-end and back-end), that have experience with us ranging from between 5 and 15 years. This lean, full-stack .net team, has the necessary proficiency in grasping the big picture of what is required, as well as the operational efficiency and effectiveness to churn out clean, readable, high-quality code, fast!

Right from the beginning of Tizbi’s inception in 1998, the .NET team, including our .NET contractors, have been exposed to business requirements in diverse areas of application, across industry verticals, and with different levels of project complexity.

Tizbi® team

Tizbi’s top-of-the-league .NET team is highly experienced in the following industries:

Tizbi’s top-of-the-league .NET team
NET team

In essence, our .NET developers are first rate experts with a robust technical foundation in .NET as well as the non-programming skills required to be a high-level, full-stack .NET developer. Their CREATIVITY, PASSION, and LOVE for .NET drives them to go above and beyond getting the job done. They work well with clients, anticipate needs, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting-edge .NET technology trends and insights.

You are welcome to harness all the .NET talent and expertise at Tizbi®, for your next enterprise application project.

Benefits of Tizbi’s .NET development service for your business

The success or failure of an application is decided by its ROI (return on investment). ROI, in turn, is a factor of cost and revenue. By using .NET, we can deliver an improved ROI through reducing development and operational costs, as well as increasing revenue through smart, well-designed .NET software solutions.
Additional benefits of using Tizbi’s .NET development offerings are as follows:
Additional benefits of using
We bring to bear valuable .NET expertise and domain knowledge to a wide assortment of projects in different organizations (including B2B and enterprise-level organizations) across industries
Valuable .NET expertise
We use industry best practices and use our proven ‘Six-Rules Approach’ to solve problems and build customized .NET applications that are stable, user-friendly, interactive, and efficient.
Customized .NET applications
We offer full-cycle development: Conceptualization & design, development, deployment, testing, implementation (adoption and integration), maintenance, optimization, and continual support
Customized .NET applications
We have a particular focus on enterprise information systems and have vast experience working with Fortune 100 enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and advanced startups
We have a particular focus on enterprise
We offer Flexible engagement models including our Staff Augmentation, Rescue Team and Complete IT Team models
More Benefits
Flexible engagement
We offer balanced prices and on-going support to enhance business productivity
Balanced prices
We provide expert architects, infrastructure specialists, software development staff, and project managers with extensive experience in managing critical development projects
We provide expert architects
We deliver on-time and on-budget project execution to ensure our clients surpass ROI expectations
ROI expectations
We guarantee intellectual property protection, Data protection, and confidentiality
Intellectual property protection
We structure short and Iterative development cycles with scope for continuous improvement
Intellectual property protection
We streamline digital transformation using .NET technologies
Digital transformation using .NET
We provide rigorous QA and testing policies to guarantee high-quality solutions
QA and testing
Our passion for .NET translates into high-quality products

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