Entire IT Teams

Entire Teams

Tizbi’s Entire Teams follow Lean thinking, Agile methodologies, DevOps and Quality Assurance practices to build value-added software solutions aligned with your business strategy. We use the latest product development methods, approaches and techniques to start new projects on a solid foundation or to put existing projects back on track by increasing productivity, performance and software quality.

The Need

Software development projects have a high failure rate due to several factors that are rooted in project execution challenges. These challenges often stem from broader organizational issues and developer shortcomings. Additionally, the need to keep up with constantly evolving technologies, software maintenance, fluctuating business needs, and promptly responding to customer expectations can put immense pressure on your staff. In our experience, the most common scenarios that call for Tizbi’s Entire Teams include the following:

Planned/unknown growth

Planned/unknown growth

The client anticipates having several software development projects shortly, and they are not precisely sure what they are, or how long they will take.

Skills/technology gap

Skills/technology gap

The client needs to re-platform to the web, cloud, mobile, or they need to implement Lean thinking, Agile, DevOps, or Quality Assurance in their software development projects.

Resource Scarcity

Resource Scarcity

The clients required full-time roles are difficult to headhunt or may be costly and time-consuming to fill-in.

Organizational issues

Organizational issues

The clients existing development team doesn’t have managerial bandwidth or organizational maturity to manage complex or supplementary IT projects.

Complex procurement

Complex procurement

The Clients ‘request for proposal’ (RFP) process and staffing/onboarding is slow, costly, time-consuming, and complicated.

Cost cutting and shortening time to market

Cost cutting and shortening time to market

The client has sustained pressure from their corporate leadership, investors or market competition to cut operating costs, slash the software development budget, or shorten the time-to-market.



The client needs to prototype a software product quickly and at a reasonable cost either as a project demo for investors or to gain valuable user feedback.



The client wants to future-proof and do more development work for the same budget.

These scenarios should not stifle your progress, drain your finite resources, or divert you from your core business or strategic objectives and growth. In such situations, engaging Tizbi’s Entire Teams can help you to save time and cost required to support your company’s business-critical software applications.

Our Solution

Tizbi’s Entire Teams are comprised of full-stack developers, expert architects, DevOps engineers, infrastructure specialists, project managers, quality assurance engineers, project rescue teams, help desk personnel, systems administrators, and other experts. These professionals provide excellent support for your software demands throughout the entire development lifecycle from ideation, conceptualization and business modelling to deployment and day-to-day maintenance.

Full-stack Soft Development

Tizbi’s Entire Teams will focus on your software development project as a whole and provide support in front-end and back-end software development. Our Entire teams are experts in both cutting-edge and legacy software development technologies, open-source and proprietary technologies, and can handle mobile, web, cloud and IoT applications.

We handle all routine deployments and bug fixes and ensure uninterrupted availability to end users. Furthermore, we’ll continuously monitor and maintain your software applications by paying close attention to any upgrades necessitated by infrastructure requirements, redesign needs, and by guaranteeing performance optimization.

Our core purpose of this service is to make sure that we deliver excellence through your software application because we believe that a company’s branding and success is predicated by customer perception, which is in turn shaped by customer interactions at all touchpoints, including through the use of the software.

Qualtiy assurance

From planning to deployment, Tizbi’s project managers, business experts, and technical leads are committed to continuous improvement and a best-practices approach through testing and Quality Assurance (QA). Every member of our team is zealous about delivering a software development project that, matches your business profile, captures the development needs, meets exact specifications, and that is clean and bug-free.

Our job is to provide QA on multiple levels before and after software deployment. Before deployment, we certify all the steps of software testing. After implementation, we partner with our client for User Acceptance Testing to detect any flaws that are best spotted by those that understand the business more than anyone else. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a product that inspires trust and confidence, which is necessary for building long-standing relationships.


The goal of Tizbi’s Entire Teams with regards to DevOps is to improve the delivery of value for our client and for their customers, which goes far beyond simply reducing costs, increasing automation or improving configuration management. As such, Tizbi takes a heuristic approach to ensure that your organization has an effective DevOps team structure or topology that matches your unique value propositions.

We focus on enabling continuous integrations, delivering high-quality deployments, improving operational efficiency, enhancing innovation, and resolving issues through development cycles to maximize value and mitigate production downtime.

Core Benefits: What’s in it for You?

When it comes to software development and innovation, scaling up a business and maintaining a competitive advantage in constantly evolving markets can be a challenge. Furthermore, building robust and capable dev teams for development projects that support rapid business growth is tough while on time and budget constraints. Tizbi’s Entire Teams are the go-to solution for organizations that face such obstacles because we deliver the following core benefits:


Customer Centric

High-quality service delivery, a deep understanding of our clients and their business processes, and adherence to SLAs allow us to maximize value for our clients and their customers.



The synergy between our development and operations teams creates stability in software development projects.


Deep Knowledge

Top-notch development teams with technical, strategic, and interpersonal skills to understand, communicate and deliver high-quality solutions.



Integrated teams can quickly adapt to legacy and cutting-edge technologies, open-source and proprietary technologies, and can handle mobile, web, cloud and IoT applications across industry verticals.


Risk Mitigation

Excellent operational efficiency, high-quality deployments, and proactive monitoring allow resolution of potential issues before they cause production downtime.


Process Control

Compliance to best practices and industry standards facilitates timely remediation of potential issues.


Platform Stability

Continuous improvement throughout the software development lifecycle based on Agile, DevOps, technology advancements, and close attention to business strategy.



A guaranteed capacity to fulfil client needs regardless of budget and time constraints or technology spikes on demanded resources. Seamless scalability allows for better spend predictions.


Reduced startup time

Fast team ramp-up of cohesive teams that have worked together before.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it - see what some of our customers are saying about our complete IT teams.

It has been a long, winding road getting everything ready for the launch day. We would not be here without the dedication of the Tizbi team.

I like that COO digs his heels in when I'm wrong about something. I like the transparency. I like that the whole team takes a consultative approach (COO, project manager and developer).

Most of all, I like that they put my customers and my business ahead of their own. They truly have my back. They are a partner, not a vendor.

Nick Bradfield Nick Bradfield Founder, Divvy Investments

This year, my wife and I gave birth to two beautiful babies: our son, Primo, and our new book, Billy Sparkle's TIPs, which I wrote and my wife tirelessly edited. We wanted a website that would complement the look and feel of our new book and Tizbi came through for us in a world-class way.

Alex and his team took the time to listen to what we wanted and were with us at every step along the way - responding to our requests and helping us navigate through the process. We now have a website that looks amazing, does what we want it to, and will continue to be enhanced with the help and guidance of our friends at Tizbi.

Billy Sparkle Billy Sparkle Executive coach, http://www.billysparkle.com/

I have nothing but praise for Jim, his partners and the staff of Tizbi. They helped us turn a rough concept into a sleek, user friendly product.

Perry Gathings Perry Gathings CEO, SourceAuthority

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