Digital Transformation Has Changed the Face of Business as We Know It

by Maria Birger

As businesses grow, and industries change, new strategies are needed to prosper in the modern professional climate.

You’ve likely heard of digital transformation, but when was the last time you thought of implementing this technique. Digital transformation is the reworking of products, processes, and strategies within an organization by leveraging current technologies. It is always relevant to the success of your company.

While digitization is a phenomenon of the 20th century, it has so pervaded our culture and way of doing business that successful companies and organizations must adapt to meet changing market forces or become obsolete.

There are many benefits to digital transformation that should be considered when introducing it to your company. Including but not limited to: improved customer experience, remote and cloud-based business operations, and improved data analytics.

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How can digital transformation improve customer experience?

Customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation. Now, people receive information instantaneously via mobile technologies, social network technologies and cloud computing. As a result, the kind and quality of products and services customers expect from businesses has also changed.

After the turbulence of past years, it comes as no surprise that businesses offering more flexibility to customers are often favored over those still clinging to traditional practices. Digital transformation has revolutionized many industries allowing various companies to operate remotely. For example, restaurants can now serve food entirely contactless, and doctor's offices can offer checkups remotely through telemedicine platforms.

As technology is integrated into nearly every part of our daily lives from buying groceries to transportation, your business needs to move forward as well. As the mindset of the modern customer changes, your business can accommodate their needs, while similarly benefiting from the gains of digital transformation. Bring in faster sales, increased flexibility, and higher customer satisfaction.

Cloud, remote business, and digital transformation

Mobile platforms allow organizations to conduct business anywhere in the world at any time.  Cloud computing gives an organization quick and constant access to necessary software, data storage, customer relationship data, and inventory level data. It provides the customer 24-hour access to ordering platforms and company customer service.

Not to mention these strategies enable remote business which can be critical in times of emergency, or if your business is expanding to other countries. Whether you prefer the traditional brick and mortar approach or you're ready to embrace fully digital operations, it is important to have the option to switch to remote at any moment.

Your business can optimize data organization and work operations with digital transformation.

Digital transformation puts use to data and analytics

Workhorse data programs fuel machine learning technologies that analyze big chunks of data to make more precise decisions about strategic areas in the business such as sales, product development, target marketing, etc.

Digital techniques such as AI, ML, and system integration can smooth the data entry process by reducing human error and freeing up time for employees by removing such menial tasks from their to-do lists. Similarly, AI programs can find useful patterns within a company’s data that can improve vital areas such as customer service.

Collectively, digital transformation can put to use the years of data a company collects over time, and use it to make predictions about future performance.

Start your Digital Transformation Strategy

While some companies have already completed a successful digital transformation, others are still trying to come to grips with the concept and figure out how to replace technologies that have become so instrumental in their business that they would be expensive and difficult to replace.

Further, there may not be anyone in your organization who has the knowledge and ability to execute a full digital transformation.

Tizbi provides a staff augmentation service that allows a company to “borrow our experts”. They will partner with your business to truly understand your needs, come up to speed on your vision, and assess the issues preventing you from executing that vision very quickly. We assimilate seamlessly into your existing staffing model and protect your company’s intellectual property rights.

Our team of expert architects, developers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers can be tailored to solve any software development challenge involved in a successful digital transformation.

Contact us to move forward in your company’s digital transformation.

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